Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo is a metropolitan city located in the central region of Hokkaido, Japan. It is the fifth most populous city in Japan and one of the designated cities by Japanese government. Due to being the location of the Hokkaido government (Dojo) and Ishikari branch office, Sapporo City has also become the administrative center of Hokkaido. But in fact, the central area here is not very large.

There are various types of beauty in a city. There is a type that is bold and unrestrained, capturing people's souls. After wandering for a long time, people become very small and helpless. New York is like this, Tokyo is like this, and Shanghai is like this. Tairan lies quietly in Sapporo City, outside of Honshu Island in Japan. Although it is the fifth largest city in Japan, it is clearly not as eye-catching and domineering. Sapporo is beautiful, and it is so subtle and restrained that one must take a few deep swallows and savor it carefully to realize its rich aroma. The winter is icy and the summer is cool, the autumn is red and the leaves are green in spring. The seasons are different, and the scenery is also vastly different. Every year, over 13 million tourists come to Sapporo to enjoy its beautiful winter and summer, and love its serene beauty in late autumn the most. Strolling through the lush jungle extending from the urban area to the suburbs, simple and smooth modern sculptures leisurely support a few maple leaves blown by the north wind, unintentional yet natural.

This is still a paradise for lovers, the hometown of artists. No wonder Sapporo writer Junichi Watanabe, who graduated from Sapporo South High School and studied at a medical university, has been in Sapporo for many years and wrote the famous "Paradise Lost". No wonder Honjo Shin, one of the three famous sculptors in Japan after World War II, used his life and steel knives to engrave many touching legends and immortal works for the broad and simple people of Sapporo. His former residence is now crowded with tourists, and his name will be a pride in Sapporo folk songs. Composer Kujisuke Hamaguchi, although not a native of Sapporo, his artistic portrait has long been permanently frozen on the famous Sheep Hill in Sapporo. As the plump sheep stroll by the stone carvings every day, Hamaguchi's "Love Town Sapporo" is being sung all the way through the Japanese archipelago due to Ijiro Ishihara's melancholic performance.

Datong Park

Datong Park, known as the heart of Sapporo, is a strip of green space approximately 1.5 kilometers long and 100 meters wide. There are grasslands, flower beds, fountain pools, etc., which are places for citizens to rest. In winter, it appears particularly beautiful, with silver white snow covered in colorful trees and nights as bright as day. The Sapporo Ice Sculpture and Snow Festival, held every February, also appears here and entered its 52nd edition by 2002. There are many famous sculptures standing on both sides of the park. Datong Park is located in the center of Sapporo.

Hokkaido Jingu

In the early stages of Hokkaido development, the Hokkaido area was mostly facing towards places such as Huatai and Qiandao, and in order to meet the defense needs of Russia, the main entrance of the Shrine was facing northeast. The "Kaikai Shrine" in the shrine worships a group of people who have contributed to the development of Hokkaido, such as Shimazu Yoshiyuki and Kanomiya Rinzo.


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