1. Oral Presentation 口头报告

1. File format: MS-PowerPoint (*.ppt) or Adobe PDF (*.pdf)
2. Time: About 15mins, including Q/A time.
3. Language: English 
4. Fonts: Arial or Times New Roman
5, Dress code: Formal clothes
6. Facility: A laptop will be available in the conference room, presenters are suggested not use their own laptop. If presenters plan to use own laptop, please notify conference secretary via e-mail in advance and test the connection (It's better to bring any necessary adaptors) before session start.
7. Procedure: Copy the presentation file to conference laptop on the registration day. Contact the session chair(s) and introduce yourself to the session chair(s) before session starts. (Your paper ID, Name, Organization and Paper's title)

2, Poster Presentation 海报报告

1. Poster Size: 1m*0.8m (height*width).
2. Language: English.
3. Color printing.
4.The poster shouldinclude: Paper ID, Conference Name’s Acronym, Significance of the research, the methods used, the main results obtained, and conclusions drawn. 
5. Poster Template 
6. Posters are required to be condensed and attractive.
7. The conference organizer won't send/keep any posters after the conference.


3, Online Presentation 在线视频报告

Author who could not personally attend the conference can choose the following three presentation options:
1. Prepare a video (*.mp4) with 15 minutes, in English, present the work and send it to aiact@smehk.org.
2. Prepare a PowerPoint with audio and send it to aiact@smehk.org
3. Skype: Add Organizing Committee's Skype account in advance and make sure you are online before your presentation. Skype Account: HKSME-Official

5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control Technologies (AIACT 2021)