AIACT 2023 Speakers

More information about speakers will be released soon...







AIACT Past Speakers

Prof. Toshio Fukuda

Meijo University,Japan / Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Prof. Dan Zhang

York University, Canada


Prof. Feng Gao

Shanghai Jiaotong University, China


Prof. Kenji Suzuki

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan / Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

Prof. Hujun Yin

The University of Manchester, UK



Prof. Makoto Iwasaki 

Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. Makoto Kaneko

Osaka University, Japan

Prof. ZhiDong Wang

Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. Wei Gao

University of New South Wales (Sydney), Australia

Prof. Sheng Guo

Beijing Jiaotong University, China



Prof. Jinsong Bao

Donghua University, China

Dr. Haijun Shan

Zhejiang Lab, China

Prof. Songyi Dian

Sichuan University, China

Prof. Wei Dong

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Prof. Bin He 

Shanghai University, China